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2024 Total Solar Eclipse


April 8, 2024 The Next Solar Eclipse
How to Safely View an Eclipse (Pinhole Viewer)
Eclipse Community Preparedness
What is a Solar Eclipse?!
How to Explain an Eclipse to a Kindergartner
What is an Astronomer?
What is a Lunar Eclipse?!

Educational Guides and Activities

Sun, Moon & Shadows: Your Ultimate Eclipse Guide and Activity Companion This free, downloadable, 40-page eclipse guide and activity book was created by WBGU-PBS with funding from an Ohio Learns 360 grant from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.

Solar Eclipse Model Craft Use this template to create a paper solar eclipse model.

Solar System Model from a Drone's View Video hosted by Former NASA Engineer Mark Rober

Ohio Learns 360 Solar System Camp Teacher Resources Includes a facilitator's guide with standards-aligned activities and resources for students in grades 3-5. Topics covered include the solar system, the Moon, solar eclipses, satellites and astronauts.

PBS KIDS Solar Eclipse Digital Toolkit from WXXI This digital resource toolkit has been curated by WXXI Education staff. The resources are appropriate for young children and their families in a variety of learning settings.

Eclipse Resources from PBS LearningMedia Tips for using PBS LearningMedia: Search results can be limited by grade level, etc.; create a free account and click on the heart image next to a resource to bookmark/save in your favorites; share resources with students with links or directly to Google Classroom; and visit the help link at the bottom of the PBS LearningMedia website for more information about how to find and share resources. 


BGSU Department of History - Eclipsing History  (YouTube)

BGSU Department of History - Eclipsing History  (Spotify)

Eclipsing History is a podcast that explores the social, cultural and historical significance of eclipses through the diverse cultures of North America. As eclipse watchers gear up for the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse above North America, this podcast looks back at eclipses of the past and explores the ways that different people experienced eclipses. A diverse cast of experts from across multiple disciplines discusses the important role that eclipses played in the development of North America and what significance they still have as moments of astronomical wonder. This podcast is brought to you by the students of the BGSU History Department with input from Dr. Amílcar Challú and Dr. Cheryl X. Dong. Landon Cina from the BGSU College of Musical Arts provided the music and Midstory edited the final episodes.

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