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WBGU-PBS » Public Advisory Council for Television (PACT) Board

PACT board and staff members during a Zoom meeting

PACT Board Members attend a video conference call.

Logo for the PACT board Public Advisory Council for Television

Consistent with its operating rules and bylaws, Public Advisory Council for Television (PACT) meetings are open to the public, and public comment is solicited. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, meetings take place via video conferencing. Please contact WBGU Development Officer/PACT Secretary  Doug Cameron for more information and/or a meeting attendance link.

PACT Meetings:
March 20, 2024
May 30, 2024

WBGU-PBS employs an open meeting policy whereby interested members of the public are welcome to attend. The PACT invites the public and community groups to provide feedback on station programming. Additionally, the PACT aims to inform the station’s program development by providing opportunities for community organizations and groups to present and discuss issues of concern for their constituents. You may send your questions or concerns to the PACT at any time to Comments received will be sent to the chair of the PACT. Management will ensure that your message is presented to the PACT at its next regular meeting. The PACT may include your issue or comments as an agenda item at an upcoming meeting. You will be notified via email at the disposition of your issue.

Members of the Public Advisory Council for Television (PACT) seek to assist WBGU-PBS in fulfilling its goal to inform, inspire, educate and entertain its viewers by presenting distinctive television programming for diverse audiences throughout Northwest and West Central Ohio, the region and the nation. PACT members try to discern and communicate emerging needs of various publics to station management, monitor and evaluate public television programs and content, and give voice to underserved segments of the Northwest and West Central Ohio community.

The individuals listed here volunteer their time to help ensure your locally-owned and operated public television station continues to provide you with the best in quality programming and educational services:

WBGU-PBS Representatives:

Tina Simon - General Manager
Tom Cummings - Assistant General Manager, Production & Engineering
Steve Kendall - Director of Media Acquisition, Distribution and Storage
Douglas Cameron - Development Officer, PACT Secretary
Kelly Pheneger - Director of Education and Outreach
Lori Wilt - Marketing/Communications Specialist


PACT Members 2024

Bart Mills–President
Judy Ennis – Vice President
Al Bowe
Sylvia (Chandler) Umbles
Pat McCauley
John Myles
William Pixler
Greg Phipps
Glenn Rettig
Beth Reynolds
Scott Scherf
Steve Schuler 
Cristy Walton
Scott Younger

Process for Recruitment and Selection of PACT Board Members:

The Public Advisory Council for Television operates independently of WBGU-PBS' management and its Board of Directors and has no operational or day-to-day role in finance, personnel, programming, or in any other matter. The PACT’s independence ensures objectivity in its advisement of WBGU-PBS.

The function of the PACT is to review the WBGU-PBS’ programming goals, services, and significant policy decisions. The CAB also serves as a vehicle for the community to effectively provide input to the WBGU-PBS and advises the WBGU-PBS with respect to whether the programming and other policies are meeting the education and cultural needs of the communities served.

The PACT meets 4 times a year to discuss and plan initiatives related to the review of the station’s programming goals, the services provided by the station, and any significant policy decisions made by the station. PACT members must be actively engaged in PACT initiatives. This includes attending scheduled meetings, productively contributing to discussions and planning sessions, and taking ownership of assignments as needed.

Any member who is not a paid staff member or member of the governing board of directors of WBGU-PBS, can apply to serve on the PACT. To be considered for the PACT, please complete this Application (PDF) and submit it with your resume to the email address state in the form. The PACT accepts and reviews all applications on a annual basis, and final candidates are selected and notified by the PACT. Please note that there are generally more applicants for the PACT than openings, and final candidates are selected based on a number of factors to ascertain diverse representation in accordance with the Communications Act and funding requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Public Advisory Council for Television Policies:

The Public Advisory Council for Television (PACT) shall assist WBGU-PBS in fulfilling its mission to inform and educate its audience by providing programming for the Northwest and West Central Ohio area. PACT shall be representative of the diverse constituencies within the Northwest and West Central Ohio area, monitoring and evaluating programs, giving voice to underserved segments of the community, serving as a sounding board for ideas presented by WBGU-PBS staff and bringing issues of community concern to the attention of the station management.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Communications Act governing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the PACT shall advise the WBGU-PBS Board of Trustees (Bowling Green State University Trustees) with respect to whether the programming and other policies of WBGU-PBS meet the specialized educational and cultural needs of Northwest and West Central Ohio, and may make such recommendations as it considers appropriate to meet such needs. As part of this advisement, the PACT shall be permitted to review and assess the WBGU-PBS programming goals, the community service activities, and the impact on the community of significant policy decisions rendered by WBGU-PBS. The PACT deliberates independently of station management and the Board of Directors, determining its own agenda and electing its own leadership. The PACT is an advisory body only, and is not authorized to exercise any control over WBGU-PBS daily management or operations. The PACT conveys its findings and recommendations based on public input to the Board of Directors on an annual basis, if warranted.

The PACT shall be a diverse group with regard to race, gender, age, ethnicity, and community of residence. PACT members shall be members of WBGU-PBS at the time of their application and for the duration of their service. The PACT shall consist of a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 24 members. Members shall serve three-year terms, which may be renewed consecutively twice (for a total of 2 three-year consecutive terms, or 6 years). Terms shall be staggered to facilitate the selection of one-third of the members every year. Members shall be recruited from the station viewing area and selected by the PACT. All persons interested in being nominated for membership shall complete an application. There shall be no dues or financial expectations (e.g., donations) required of PACT members.

Any PACT Member who fails to attend at least two-thirds of the regularly scheduled meetings of the PACT over a one year period that coincides with their term commitment shall be deemed no longer a Member in good standing and is ineligible to continue as a PACT Member. Any member desiring to resign from the PACT shall submit their resignation in writing to the President of the PACT.

The PACT shall include officers elected by the PACT members. The officers of the PACT shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting which shall occur immediately following the annual appointment or reappointment of members to the PACT. The term of office for Officers shall be one year in any given position, and individuals are eligible for nomination as an officer after their first full year as a member of the PACT. For the purposes of electing officers, a simple majority of votes by all seated PACT members shall be required for a PACT member to be elected to an officer position. The duties afforded to the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be similar to those of an advisory board, and the Secretary shall either take minutes at each PACT meeting or appoint a designee to do so.

The PACT shall establish its meeting schedule for the upcoming calendar year no later than November 15th of the prior calendar year, and shall provide dates, times and locations to WBGU-PBS staff immediately to assure adequate notice to the public. All PACT meetings shall follow Roberts Rules of Order to the extent such do not conflict with state or federal law. Business may only be conducted if a quorum is present, and a quorum shall consist of a majority of the total PACT membership.