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Quote of the day: “I tried to be a house painter but I couldn't stand all that paint all over me.”- George Jones

Everything Eclipses

For additional Solar Eclipse-related educational resources, including our free, downloadable eclipse guide and activity companion, visit

April 8, 2024 The Next Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Community Preparedness

What is a Solar Eclipse?!

How to Safely View an Eclipse (Pinhole Viewer)

What is a Lunar Eclipse?!

BGSU Defines “What is an Astronomer”

How to Explain an Eclipse to a Kindergartner

Beginning Balance: A Financial Literacy Video Series

Beginning Balance is a financial literacy video series that explores the basics of six topics every high school student should understand upon graduating. These complex topics are broken down with conversational language guided by field experts and presented in a graphical-based approach. 

Beginning Balance: Budget

Beginning Balance: Credit Score

Beginning Balances: Savings

Beginning Balance: Interest

Beginning Balance: Taxes

Beginning Balance: Post-Secondary Loans

Ohio Ready to Learn Videos

Emotional Literacy

This video demonstrates how parents and caregivers can help young children develop emotional literacy.

Enriching Play

This video demonstrates what parents and caregivers can do to support playful learning with children.

Encouraging Exercise

This video demonstrates how families can encourage young children to move and exercise to stay healthy.

Eating Anytime Foods for Better Health

This video demonstrates how to encourage children to eat more "anytime foods" for better health. 

Ruby The Red-Eyed Tree Frog Videos

Ruby The Red-Eyed Tree Frog helps children to learn about colors, rhyming words and shapes in this new WBGU-PBS video series!

Colors with Ruby - White

Rhymes with Ruby - Cup and Pup

Shapes with Ruby- Heart

WBGU-PBS Educational Services and Community Partner Videos

Using PBS Resources to Support Social/ Emotional Learning

YWCA CCR&R Services for Child Care Providers

Learn more about services offered by the  YWCA Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) program for child care providers including training and business planning.

Reach Out & Read

Learn more about how Reach Out & Read integrates early literacy education into pediatric medical practices in the community.

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