CPB Transparency Requirements

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is the agency that provides federal funding for public television and radio stations, has determined that every public media entity should be as transparent as possible in its governance and finances. Therefore, WBGU-TV is providing the following information, to comply with CPB policy, for transparency in our finances and governance, and in the public interest.

Required information:

1. A list of the governing Board of Directors for WBGU-TV, which is the Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees:

BGSU Board of Trustees

2. A list of the WBGU-TV Public Advisory Committee for Television Advisory Board:

  • Tina Simon - General Manager, WBGU-TV
  • Anthony Short - General Manager, WBGU-TV
  • Douglas Cameron - WBGU-TV Development Officer, Secretary
  • Stephen Daley - Columbus, Ohio, BGSU Trustee Appointment
  • Cristy Walton - Findlay, Ohio, Past President
  • Roger Fisher - Defiance, Ohio
  • Al Bowe - Bowling Green, Ohio, Vice President
  • Jerry Greiner - Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Phyllis Henderson - Lima, Ohio
  • William Pixler - Defiance, Ohio, Past Chair
  • Beth Reynolds - Findlay, Ohio
  • Steve Schuler - Wapakoneta, Ohio
  • Scott Younger - Findlay, Ohio


3. Date, Time and Place of meetings of the WBGU-TV Governing Board:
BGSU Board Action

4. Financial Information - Audited Financial Statement for fiscal year 2016 and CPB AFR

5. 2017 Local Content and Service Report to the Community

6. WBGU-TV certifies that it is meeting state and federal law regarding donor privacy and data security. See our Privacy Policy on this site.

WBGU-TV, through its governing Board, the Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees, complies with Ohio's Public Records and Open Meetings Law, which together are known as "Ohio Sunshine Laws".