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Quote of the day: “In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”- John Steinbeck

» Ocean and Sea Life Resources and Activities

Resources for Preschool to Early Elementary School Age Children

Books about the Ocean and Sea Life from the INFohio Free Digital Library

Click on grade K-5, then click the Book Flix link. Finally, search for the keyword, “ocean” to find 4 pairs of digital ocean books including "Sea Bones" and "Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish!"

Categorizing Seashells Activity Guide and Video 

Elinor Wonders Why: Jacques Cousteau Song

Elmo the Musical Sea Captain Math Printable Activity 

Elmo the Musical Sea Captain What If? Printable Activity 

Scribbles and Ink: Underwater World Printable Activity  

Sesame Street: Sink or Float Lesson Plan and Videos 

Splash and Bubbles: Coral Reef Tour Video and Activity

Splash and Bubbles PBS KIDS Website with Videos, Games, Activities 

Splash and Bubbles: Meeting Whitebeard Video and Lesson

The Cat in the Hat: Coral Reef Camouflage Lesson and Video

The Cat in the Hat: Deep Sea Follow Me Game

The Cat in the Hat: Do You See My Seahorse? Game

Wild Kratts: Creaturepedia Animal Database 

Wild Kratts: Egg Carton Turtle Craft 

Wild Kratts: Games and Videos about Sea Life  

Wild Kratts: Creature Power Suit Underwater Challenge Game 

Wild Kratts: Capture the Fishmobile Game  


Resources for Upper Elementary and Secondary School Age Children and Adults

Build a Fish: Adaptations Game 

Jonathan's Big Blue World: Videos and Lessons 

Marine Science Collection 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries: Fin Whale Facts

Nature: Ocean Giants 

SciGirls: Underwater World Coding Game  

The Smithsonian Institute Ocean Life Resources 

Whales: A Size Comparision 

Whale Adaptations Lesson Plan 

Fin Whale Fact Sheet and Splash and Bubbles Activity Pages

Click here to download a Fin Whale fact sheet and Splash and Bubbles activity pages.