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» WBGU-PBS Pinnacle Society

"WBGU-TV has been an informative and educational part of Northwest Ohio life for over 40 years. It is important to me that this tradition of exceptional national and locally-produced programs continues. I have included WBGU-TV in my estate plan to help make this happen."
~ Chris Sexton, Bowling Green.

Play a vital role in the future of WBGU-PBS and public broadcasting through a gift that will benefit others for generations to come, by joining the WBGU-PBS Pinnacle Society.

Public broadcasting touches millions of lives every day by providing the highest quality experience in performing arts, information & public affairs, science & nature and educational programming. People of all ages and backgrounds are given "front-row seats" to the finest performances, the best children programming available and the opportunities for learning that can last a lifetime.The future promises to be exciting and challenging for all. In the transition into the digital age, public broadcasting is at the forefront of using new technology to provide a better service and more programs to an even more diverse community. WBGU-PBS mission to educate, enlighten and inspire its viewers and community members will be greatly enhanced by this new technology, and future generations will continue to benefit from our quality programming.

You are invited to share in this vision and to help carry on this tradition by becoming a member of the WBGU-PBS Pinnacle Society. The Pinnacle Society is a collective group of members who have decided to honor WBGU-PBS through their legacy and the contribution of a planned gift.