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Quote of the day: "The time is always right to do what is right." – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Members Matter!

Approximately 10,000 Northwest and West Central Ohioans are members of WBGU-PBS. Membership support represents roughly a quarter of our operating budget.

For their support of television excellence, members receive our monthly program guide, PREVIEW. The guide not only includes the monthly programming schedule, but also highlights new programs. It also lets members know how their membership dollars are being used in various station outreach and educational activities.

To become a Supporting Member

Members can join WBGU-PBS at a number of different levels:

  • $27 a year for seniors
  • $40 for families
  • $60, $90, or $120 - most popular levels
    (these levels and above qualifies members for Passport, PBS Video on Demand)
  • $250 for the General Manager's Circle

WBGU-PBS is extremely grateful for the support that each of its members provides the station. Every gift, whatever the amount, represents a share of the budget that ensures that national and locally produced programming and educational outreach activities can continue.