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Quote of the day: "The time is always right to do what is right." – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

WBGU-PBS Special Series

Part 1: The Introduction
Part 2: The Social and Economic Tsunami
Part 3: In Their Own Words
Part 4: A Family Affair
Part 5: Education & Prevention

Addiction erodes the quality of life we enjoy in Northwest and West Central Ohio. Too many of us have been affected by the opiate addiction epidemic. From the mother who now visits her son at the cemetery to the 6-year-old girl who does not understand what happened to mommy and why she doesn’t live with her anymore, addiction is changing families every day. Friend, family, co-worker, neighbor or
acquaintance – odds are you know someone who has a drug addiction.

WBGU-PBS has produced a series of television programs and televised town
hall/community round table events to build awareness in communities in
Northwest and West Central Ohio.

Part 1:
This first phase of the project focused on building awareness and seeking answers to what’s next. This phase outlined the tsunami-size and scope of this growing problem and how addiction reaches every social and economic sector of Northwest and West Central Ohio.

Part 2:
The second phase looked at the sectors of society that have been impacted the most – medical, labor, crime, and social services – and the staggering costs of opiate addiction. Where we go from here depends on how we educate and prevent current and future generations from making the same mistakes.

Part 3:
In part three, we talk with six people who are in different stages of recovery from opiates and heroin. They will share their thoughts and their respective journeys, all from the perspective of an addict.

Part 4:
Part four focuses on families and how addiction has affected their households. They will share their thoughts and feelings and share how opiate and heroin addiction has negatively affected their family structure. From parents and siblings to aunts and uncles, addiction affects everyone. Their words will help other families cope as they battle the same issues in their own

Part 5:
And, finally, part five builds awareness of the effects of addiction on the addict, especially parents and children of addicts. We discuss the effects on the community as a whole and what is being done to educate our community and prevent the ever-growing number of addicts.
We answer questions like:
• Where do I get treatment?
• What are schools doing to educate kids about this?
• What government and community agencies are helping?
• What do I do if my child is an addict?