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Science@Work II showcases Ohio people, applying in everyday life, the Physical Science concepts that instructors are teaching to their students. The target populations for Science@Work II are grade levels 8, 9, and 10. Each module title contains the entire uncut video, a content segmentation aligned to the current Ohio Educational Content Standards, a closed-captioned file, and a descriptive video file. It is WBGU-TV's goal to expand the reach of these programs to students with different learning styles and students with disabilities.


Explaining Thermal Energy

In this episode, we will explain how thermal energy exists in the random motion and vibrations of atoms and molecules. All objects, even solids have molecular motion. The higher the temperature the greater the average atomic or molecular motion. In changes of state the temperature remains constant. Click on the links below to view the videos.

View the full uncut video

View the standards based segment (based on the standard Y2003.CSC.S03.G09-10.BF.L09.I11)

View Closed Captioned Segments of the module

View Descriptive video versions of the module.


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