WBGU Television Learning Services (TLS)
Video Acquisition Assistance

Program Purchase/Acquisition - Video on Demand (DVSS)
TLS acquires programs from vendors who have the right to distribute programs for instructional use over the DVSS system at BGSU. Typically, these rights are available at at extra cost to the university. TLS normally pays for the first 80%, up to a maximum of $100, toward the purchase of a program that will be included in the TLS Library. The remainder of the costs are invoiced to the department(s) requesting the acquistion.

Off-air Taping (Delay) of Programs
TLS will videotape programs off-air for instructional use according to the guidelines issued by Congressman Kastemeier's Committee. The program must be requested in advance by the faculty member and must be used within a ten school day period. It can be kept for up to forty-five days for non-instructional preview use. Some programs can be licensed for permanent acquisition. Any other use is considered a violation of copyright and TLS will not assist in such use.

Satellite Reception of Programs
Most domestic satellite programming can be received by TLS and delivered using DVSS to reception areas on campus. Some satellite programs can also be taped or captured for later instructional viewing. Satellite programs must be cleared for downlinking and retention rights.

Local Production
Each year, TLS of WBGU-PBS produces several programs for instructional use on the DVSS system. For more information, please review our Video Production Services page.