WBGU Television Learning Services (TLS)
TLS Video Production Costs

Classroom/Course related lecture Cart Productions

Olscamp Hall: No Charge if a guest lecture presentation is videotaped in Olscamp Hall classrooms 107, 109, or 113.

Campus locations except Olscamp Hall: TLS will charge $75.00* per academic/ classroom related cart/lecture production that is produced outside of Olscamp Hall rooms 107, 109, or 113.

*TLS Production budget will cover up to $1,000 in cart/lecture productions per semester. Once this cart production budget reserve is spent, then academic departments are charged $140.00 per cart/lecture production.

Classroom Content video productions

TLS Production budget will cost share “5” minute classroom content productions for faculty use in the classroom and stored on the Video on Demand server. TLS will budget each production for out-of-pocket expenses. TLS will pick-up the first $100* of the total out-of-pocket cost, remaining charges will be invoiced to the department, school or college.

*TLS will budget $1,000 per semester for this type of production.

Grant or Conference productions are not considered classroom events and will be budgeted separately.

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