WBGU Television Learning Services (TLS)
Digital Video Streaming Service (DVSS) Help

Television Learning Services (TLS) uses the Digital Video Streaming Services (DVSS) to stream video content to authenticated BGSU users.

How do I use the DVSS?

Find a program in the online DVSS catalog using either of the two links below:

* search the holdings at https://dvss.bgsu.edu (be sure to refer to the Search Tips under the search box)
* scan the complete content list at https://dvss.bgsu.edu/browser/browser.php

To access the content, use the link(s) under the key frame of the video. Some content is available "on-demand" and other content requires scheduling.

On-Demand Content:

If a "Click to Play" link is available under the video key frame as shown below, the video is available "on-demand".

Click the "Click to Play" link to open the video player window and the video will begin playing.

To return to the video from the classroom:
* copy the video player window link and store it in your course materials OR
* repeat the search in the classroom

Scheduled Content:

If there is only a "Schedule Video" link available under the video key frame as shown below, the video must be scheduled for viewing.
( Because of copyright restrictions not all media is available "on-demand", but we are capable of playing the existing analog asset (DVD/videotape) to your viewing device.)

Click the "Schedule Video" link to open the scheduling window.
* Select your desired viewing location (Building and Room number)
* Provide us with your contact information (Name and Phone Number)
* Confirm your video selection
* Select the desired play date and time you want the video to start.
-------(We are working to reinstate control of analog assets from the classroom, but the function is not currently available).
Submit the request.

To view the scheduled video:
* Open the DVSS search page (https://dvss.bgsu.edu) and authenticate if necessary.
* Click on the PC Stream Guide link located on the left navigation bar.
* Approximately 30 seconds prior to the requested start time, the video title and Watch link will populate the table.
* Click the "Watch" link when the requested title appears in the list.