WBGU Television Learning Services (TLS)
Distance Learning Support from Olscamp Hall

Bowling Green State University's videoconferencing facility is part of the Television Learning Services department at WBGU-PBS. Our facility supports two-way interactive videoconferencing as well as teleconference viewing. Located in Olscamp Hall on the campus of Bowling Green State University, our facility includes three classrooms.

Services We Provide:

Distance Learning - Distance Learning takes place when a teacher and student(s) are separated by physical distance. Technology (i.e., voice, video, data, and print) is used to bridge the instructional gap. Distance Learning programs can provide adults with a second chance at a college education; reach those disadvantaged by limited time, distance or physical disability; and update the knowledge base of workers at their places of employment.

Teleconferencing - Like Distance Learning, the content presenters are not located in the same location as participants during a teleconference. There are typically multiple sites where individuals may view and participate in the presentation. Interaction may be limited to question and answer sessions. Teleconferences are presented as stand alone events or short series of programs and require advanced registration and planning

Meetings and Interviews - The BGSU Distance Learning facilities can also be reserved for small group meetings, such as job interviews or depositions, or large group presentations like virtual field trips. Meetings betweeen faculty and administrators of BGSU and other universities take place using the distance learning technology. Corporations and universities often use the facility to conduct candidate interviews. The classrooms offer Macintosh and PC computer operating systems, Elmo document cameras, large projection screens or plasma screens, student and instructor microphones and other resources to aid in instruction. Olscamp Hall room 109 seats 12, room 107 fits 36, and room 113 seats 246.

BGSU uses two Polycom units for IP and ISDN connections. We maintain well functioning videoconferencing classrooms and our experienced staff work diligently to ensure your event is a success.