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Easy Wood Tools

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Great Tools for Your Woodshop!

Scott sawI am a third generation woodworker. So I inherited (by watching, learning and doing) the woodworking skills and tools that many self-taught woodworkers dream about. I was very lucky! I had the great fortune to be taught by both grandfathers and my father (also a forester). It’s fair to say that woodworking is part of our family tradition.

Over the years there have been so many woodworking innovations that it is hard to keep up with what’s new and what’s going to truly save time in anyone’s shop. With these thoughts in mind, I have written about many of tools that I use to save time and make woodworking much more enjoyable.

If you want to see these techniques in action tune in to your local PBS station for either one of my two shows: The American Woodshop and American HomeShop.

Great woodworking to you!

 Quick Tips ~ choose from the descriptions below:

     1   The Table Saw ~ Getting Started!
      2   Jointer ~ the perfect tool to tune up boards!
      3   Planer ~ lumber preparation the easy way!
      4   Radial Arm Saws ~ for perfect crosscuts on wide stock!
      5   12” Dual Laser Miter Saw ~ for perfect crosscuts ...
      6   Band Saws ~ for Straight, Curved, Scrolling ...
      7   Drum Sander ~ Breathe Easier!
      8   Shaper ~ excellent capacity and versatility!
Drill Press ~ too good to be true!
    10   The Wood Lathe ~ one of life’s most rewarding ...
    11   Single Stage Dust Collection

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Scott Phillips
The American Woodshop








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