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Quick Tip #5
12" Dual Laser Miter Saw~ for perfect crosscuts & miters!

Miter Saw

The Delta dual laser miter saw is a tool that I use for all 8” and narrower board crosscuts. I have mine right beside my table saw so it shares the dust collector. The beauty of this set up is that I can use the table saw to rip cut planed boards so the edges are parallel. Then I use the miter saw to accurately cross cut or miter my work pieces to the finished lengths. The lasers emit beams (on each side of the blade) that are simply lined up on the penciled in cutting lines to precisely cut finished lengths. Life got a lot easier when this tool became a key part of my shop!

Blade Tip:
Use carbide tipped blades for perfect and accurate crosscuts, miters and bevels.

Material Tip:
Upgrade the miter saw with left and right Biesemeyer support tables and fences or with a portable universal stand with rollers for increased accuracy.

Specialty Tool Tip:
Sliding carriage miter saws allow up to 12” wide crosscuts. Perfect additions to any shop! Especially when mounted to the universal miter saw stand that is portable and storable.

Accessory Tip:
Laser line cut accessories remove the guesswork from cutoff work.

Safety Tip:
Never raise the blade, after the cut, until the blade has come to a complete stop!

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