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Quick Tip #4
Radial Arm Saws ~ for perfect crosscuts on wide stock!

Radial Saw

Radial arm saws are real time savers when it comes to making repetitive cross cuts and multiple dados. Large support tables are the ideal foundation for dimensioning wide glued up panels. I like to use the Biesemeyer support tables and fences, to both the left and right of the radial arm saw table, for ease and speed of production. The flip-down fence stops on these accessories truly make doing repetitive cuts simple and accurate.

Blade Tip:
Select the blade designed for the lumber, plywood, veneers and laminates with the negative hook angle that helps to hold the material flat to the table and tight to the fence. Higher tooth counts with unique bevel configurations and high-grade carbide produce chip and tear free cuts.

Material Tip:
Layout cut marks so the best surface is up. This helps to assure accuracy and eliminates torn grain.

Specialty Tool Tip:
Push the blade through the stock instead on pulling it through. By pushing the blade through the board it is easier to control the feed speed. Plus it helps to hold the material flat to the table, tight to the fence and makes the cutting smoother. Radial arm saws are the go-to tool for wide crosscuts because the blade travels farther on the arm than with miter saws.

Accessory Tip:
A stacked dado assembly on the radial arm saw is the fastest and most accurate way to do multiple dados. Plus the shims in the dado assembly can be stacked to precisely set the dado width to match the thickness of nominal plywoods.

Safety Tip:
Only use stock that is flat to the table and square to the fence. Control the wood! This will eliminate binds.

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