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Easy Wood Tools

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Quick Tip #1
The Table Saw ~ Getting Started!

 The question most asked by people is: what is the most important tool in my woodshop?


That’s a tough one because I use everything in my shop. Undoubtedly, the table saw is the cornerstone tool in my shop. I would not be without my 3 horsepower Unisaw! It is connected to a freestanding 1,200 cfm dust collector. The rip and crosscut blade is a carbide 50-tooth combination blade. This gives me perfect edges for most glue ups and good miters and crosscuts. I have used smaller table saws over the years and I recommend using 1 ½ horsepower motors or larger with the appropriate carbide tipped blade.

When it comes to getting the most out of a table saw, I feel many folks overlook using a high-quality blade that is clean and sharp. I like to use any of the blade cleaning solutions to keep the steel body and carbide teeth pitch and resin free. Be sure to use the cleaners that are environmentally friendly. Always unplug the saw anytime the blade is touched. Be sure to remove the blade from the arbor to thoroughly clean it.

Work safely!
Remember to read, understand and follow the tool instruction manual.

I always recommend upgrading to the Biesemyer guard with the accessory pop-up splitter. It’s the best money I have ever invested in my shop.

Blade Tip:
Use a high-quality combination 40 or 50-tooth blade for 90% of all crosscuts and rips. If working with veneers and plywood, try an 80-tooth blade for chip free cuts.

Fact: If the blade is loading up with resin and pitch quickly, then the blade is not parallel to the miter slots.

Answer: Tune up the table saw so the trunion is squared to the miter slots. For details see the manual.

Material Tip:
All boards need to be warp, twist, and bow and cup free for safe operation. So S4S (surface four sides) boards for best results.

Specialty Tool Tip:
A moulder head with assorted matching knives is an excellent upgrade for many operations like: tongue and grove, edge profiling, face mouldings, and beading.

Accessory Tip:
Stack dado sets give the ability to precisely match the dados to the mating material such as nominal plywoods.

Safety Tip:
Always use the guard as instructed in the owner’s manual to match the application.

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