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Quick Tip #11
Single Stage Dust Collection

Dust Collector

I have helped to set up hundreds of shops with dust collection in the last 5 years. I always recommend the same Delta 1,200 cfm dust collector with the 1 micro filter bag. It is a quiet and efficient collector. Plus it has easy to use “quick disconnects.” These make it a breeze to move the collection capacity from tool to tool.

The affordability counts too. It is far easier and more efficient to have two dust collectors on casters over a centrally piped single system. Plus, two dust collectors have twice the storage capacity over one central unit.         

Bag Tip:
Always use the 1 micro bag.

Material Tip:
The heavy-duty plastic storage bags can be reused many times.

Specialty Tool Tip:
Keep the hose runs short. Every 10 feet of hose reduces cfm by approximately 10%.

Accessory Tip:
Delta has an on/off dust collector switch that is foot activated. It is one of the most convenient tools in my shop.

Safety Tip:
Any wood resistant to decay will produce sawdust that is potentially irritating to breathe. Always use dust collection with these types of wood.


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