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Easy Wood Tools

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Quick Tip #10
The Wood Lathe ~ one of life's most rewarding activities!

Wood Lathe

I love to turn wood on a well-designed lathe! I use a 16” variable speed lathe that is a dream machine. It is easy to turn anything from knobs, baseball bats, and legs, to bowls and vessels.

The easiest turning woods are walnut, mahogany, maple, cherry, butternut, any fruitwood and redwood burl. One of my favorite sources is at the firewood pile. Green wood is easy to turn.

Use sanding friction to dry the work piece before applying the finish of choice. The beauty of a lathe is that simple gift turnings can be made in under an hour. What’s holding you back?

Chisel Tip:
The spindle gouge, ½” bowl gouge, the diamond parting tool, the ½” round nose scraper and the 1”oval skew are the foundation turning tools ~ good for 90% + of all turnings.

Material Tip:
All furniture turnings must use dimensionally stable wood with a moisture content of no higher than 8%. Wooden bowls and vessels can be green (high moisture %) and turn easier when wet.

Specialty Tool Tip:
Dial in variable speed greatly enhances turning capacities. If the turning vibrates – just dial the speed lower until it runs smooth.

Accessory Tip:
Four jaw chucks with various interchangeable jaws add professional touches to turnings.

Safety Tip:
Always wear a face shield when you turn!

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